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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom (with a seven-year-old boy twist)

We've been in our house for just over a year now and my patient seven year old (is that even a thing?)  is long overdue for a "cool room".

When I last showed you his room it looked like this (and still pretty much does). But I have a plan!

I wanted to give Chace an updated room that wasn't a) too grown up (he's only seven after all) b) too young (he's already seven after all) and reused some of the things we already had. 
Influenced by the farmhouse craze my mind kept going there as a solution. I loved the masculine elements of that look but also really liked the flexibility it offered. So, I came up with a vision for how I could transform his room from "blah blue bore-ville" to "farmhouse fantasticness" (aka "a room almost as cool as Lego").

I will break down each element below and list my inspiration sources at the bottom of this post.

1) curtains and a dark curtain rod - I envision a nice white curtain and dark rod for a cris…

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