Oh baby! Modern Classic Nursery Plans

I've been keeping a little secret. A secret that grows bigger and bigger every day. That's right - we're expecting! I wasn't keeping it under wraps on purpose, just that the days and the weeks have gone by and when I've blogged it's been about Chace's bedroom makeover. It just hasn't come up - until now!

Here is what I have in mind to make a serene little oasis for our newest addition, arriving in April. Oh, and it's ANOTHER boy! :)

This baby will be taking over our guest room. Those who have been folllowing for awhile may recall that I redid it last Spring in anticipation of our guests from England arriving.

My vision for the nursery was to keep it fresh, light, airy and have touches of 'boy'. Nothing too serious but nothing overly babyish either. Just a nice calm space that could grow with our little guy.

I plan on reusing quite a lot of elements from this room so all that work on the guest room was not for not! I'll explain more in detail below as I walk you through the mood board.

1) The Cabana stripe drapes (which I love) will be staying.

2) We will be keeping the light fixture that we installed when we updated the guest room (similar to this one here).

3) This art melts my heart. It is so quirky, cute and adorable and I just can't get enough of it. I plan on choosing three or so animals (that giraffe is my fave) and using them around the room.

4) We will be reusing Chace's crib which is very similar to the one pictured.

5) The two dressers used in the guest room (originally used in Chace's nursery) are from the MALM series sold at Ikea. Since there is a recall on them, we plan to return them and purchase this single dresser instead. It will double as a change table as well.

6) I plan on mixing and matching patterns (for exapmple, in the change pad cover) to add some texture, visual interest and layering to the nursery.

7) WAY back, I purchased a white wooden glider off Craigslist for Chace's nursery. It was $40! It didn't come with cushions so I purchased some at the time from Pier One. We didn't know we were having a boy so they were more colourful and floral then would suit this space. BUT, my friend borrowed the chair for her two boys that were born inbetween Chace and this little one and her mom made some adorable blue check pattern pillows for the chair during that time. Since she is almost done with it, the chair is coming home closer to the baby's due date and she's graciously alllowed me to use the cushions as well. That $40 chair sure was a good investment! It's gotten a lot of mileage!

8) For the change station I plan on using some little canvas baskets (similar to this style) to again, add more texture and interest.

9) The paint will stay the same as what we used for the guest room.

So, that's it! Some little plans for a little guy. Now we just need a name. Luckily we have about 13 more weeks to decide.

Oh, and here is a pic I posted on my Instagram three weeks back as we celebrated the start of 2017. Baby bumpin'!

TGIF everyone. Have a great weekend.


Creating a functional closet for a kid

Chace's bedroom closet needed some SERIOUS help. When I embarked on his bedroom refresh it was high on my hit list.

After settling in and living here with what was present when we bought the house, the closet was looking like this:

This room used to belong to a teenage boy which I think would explain the organizational system? But, to my seven-year-old, this closet had many problems from a functional stand point. 

1) The small shelves on the left were installed upside down. That meant there was a 'lip' in front so you had to slide things on and off the shelf from the side. Awkward. 

2) The small angled shelves (probably meant for shoes) weren't useful. They didn't store toys or books well and Chace doesn't store his shoes in his room.

3) Chace could not reach the top shelf at all

4) The bar to hang clothes was too high for Chace so getting him to put his clothes away in this closet was literally impossible. 

Now, we see a much more functional use of space.

My dad came to help and I snapped a few photos of him in action.

Thanks Dad!

My plan? To leave the existing top shelf where it was and store things that Chace didn't need to reach there. I also wanted to add two more shelves below it for his toys, as well as a low level hanging bar so that he could hang up his shirts himself.

ChefKev or I put Chace's clothes out for him the night before so that he can get dressed by himself in the morning. To make it a bit easier to keep organized, I put the long sleeved shirts on the right and the short sleeved ones on the left. And yes, I might have organized them by colour too #itsasickness.

This would be more indicative of Chace's view. The top shelf holds things Chace doesn't need to access by himself (old school projects, blankets and some of my paint supplies).

And there we have it. This kid's closet transformed from dysfunctional hot mess to organized oasis. That might be a stretch but it sounds good right?

And if you missed any, you can check out all the posts about Chace's bedroom refresh here:  mood boardwallpaper and paintloft bed refinishing, new desk.

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Doing your homework in style

Chace's modern farmhouse bedroom redo is still coming along nicely and now, this kid can do his grade two homework in style! We recently added a new desk to his lair - a custom design from Ikea (yes, custom.... from Ikea) Isn't that an oxymoron? Not today folks.

If you're new to the game you may want to check out these previous posts in order to catch up on what's been going on in Chace's room so far: mood board, wallpaper and paint, loft bed refinishing.

When I started, the corner of his bedroom where the desk would go looked like this:

But now, it looks like this!

And don't worry, I fixed that nonsense going on in the closet but that's for another post.

To create the desk, I turned to Ikea and came up with a custom solution. YES - a custom solution from Ikea! To design this desk I used three components - the HILVER table top (which is bamboo), the ALEX drawer unit in grey and the LERBERG leg in grey as well.

I also chose the RASKOG stool because it was extremely cost effective ($29 - yes!) and the teal colour tied into the dresser and bedding.

I love the bamboo work surface and think the bevelled edge helps make the desk look higher end than it is. I'm impressed with the simplicity yet elegance of it.

The big wooden "CHACE" letters were a find at Michaels. Because I am cheap (well, on a tight budget anyway) I bought each one individually on different days so that I could use my weekly 40% or 50% off coupon. #thrifty.

The lamp is the RANARP lamp (also from Ikea) and is actually the same as the two we use in the office but in a different shade. I was going to get the black and gold one here but Chace was with me when shopping and really wanted this finish instead. #kidsgotanopinion

The round mirror in the corner actually started out as a very light minty green. I had purchased it as one of two options when doing our guest room, but ended up using the other mirror that was a contender there instead. I never returned this one as it was a great deal and I knew I'd use it somewhere eventually. It was perfect for this space but the colour wasn't ideal, so I sprayed it matte black with some leftover spray paint that I had on hand.

To top off the desk I corralled all of Chace's crayons and markers into some glass vases I had as well as come empty soup cans (sharp edges filed down and labels removed of course) and now my little man has a cool spot to do his drawing and homework... and puzzles.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Loft bed, meet chalk paint

Happy New Year friends!

When I last left you in Chace's "modern farmhouse bedroom redo" we had the faux wood wallpaper installed and the walls painted. If you are new, you catch up on the vision for this space by reading about the mood board here.

However, before that I shared the hand me down loft bed that we inherited from a friend whose son had outgrown it.

Well, after the wallpaper, wall paint and two coats of chalk paint on the bed, this same view now looks like this!

Yay for progress! The paint I used was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint which in my experience, is the best chalk paint out there. I've used it before to refinish the teal dresser you see on the left and used a lesser quality brand (never again!) to refinish our dining room hutch

For those not familiar with chalk paint, you can learn more about it here but basically it is an amazing paint that dries quickly, leaves virtually no brush marks, is VERY easy to work with (no sanding or stripping your furniture beforehand) and cleans up in a breeze. Also, the soft wax that you use over the paint as a finishing/curing step leaves your project with a subtle 'satin' finish that I really like. 

image source

The colour I chose is called Graphite and is a nice charcoal grey. 

Application was easy. I just used a regular paint brush (as seen sitting on the top of the can).

 And here is how it looked after (almost) one coat.

I did two coats for a nice even finish and followed up with one coat of the finishing/curing soft wax.

You can probably tell by the swirl marks that you apply the wax in a circular motion (this type of brush really helps with this step) and then you go back over it and buff with a soft cloth to blend it in and remove the excess wax. It sounds a bit laborious but is really quite a quick and easy step. There are many video tutorials out there but here is a link to a popular one if you would like to see this process in action.

After that, it was done! 

Another thing that we've added recently is the industrial cage light. This allows Chace to read in bed if he'd like! I still have to get a "cable hide" channel (a strip of plastic that sticks to the wall and cleans up the look of the dangling cord) but for some reason when I went for them, all the stores had them on back order. Weird. 

Since we can't have a bedside table with this kind of bed, it was important to get a light that could be mounted on the wall AND had an on/off switch on the base. 

I really like how it looks against the faux wood panelling.

The large circular button (centre bottom) turns the light on and off.

Now that Chace has a loft bed, he can lounge under it and read on his soccer bean bag chair. A much cooler location than the previous corner it resided in...

And finally, the endless stuffy stash now too has a home! I grabbed a slouchy laundry basket from Homesense (I just turn the "laundry" word to the back so it isn't seen) and that too lives under the loft bed.

We've done a few more things in here too which I plan to share soon. It's coming together!

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Faux Wood Wallpaper

Chace's bedroom makeover is coming along slowly but surely. Recently we completed a key element of his room - the faux wood wallpaper! If you are new to this discussion, feel free to get caught up here where I went over my vision for his room and shared all my ideas via the mood board below.

Today we are here to talk about the wallpaper though! I came across this amazing faux wood wallpaper from Lowes and thought it would be the perfect addition to the modern farmhouse room that I wanted to create for my little guy. I planned on flipping it on its side though #horizontalforthewin

But let's back up. Just before we started the wallpaper, the room looked like this - pretty much how it looked when we moved in over a year earlier (what!?) except for the addition of the loft bed which we inherited from some friends (their little guy had become a big guy and outgrown it). I have plans to paint the bed as well (is nothing safe around me) and you can get an idea of my vision in the mood board above.

Anyway, on to what the room looked like before...

Poor kid. If Pepto-Bismal was blue, it would be this shade. Enough said. We didn't paint it this colour (to state the obvious).

It's been fun watching the cute teal dresser (which looked so perfect in Chace's last room) clash with the Pepto-Bismal-Blue walls all year. And that closet organization... exactly, what closet organization? That 'system' was coming out too. It might have been fine for a teenager (the previous owners had teen boys) but it wasn't working for my seven-year-old. He couldn't reach the bar to hang his clothes up and the small side shelves were really awkward (and installed wrong). The 'lip' of the shelf pointed up so you had to slide things on and off the shelf via the right hand side only. Awkward.

So, fast forward to me roping my dad into helping. Here he is in action.
It was actually a group effort as it required my mom and I holding the paper up while my dad installed it horizontally. A bit tricky, but doable. After he had each strip up, we wiped out all the bubbles and excess water. We took our time and ensured that each strip stayed in place without slipping down the wall as we did each row. The end result was really smooth with nice tight seams.

Here it is complete! Next up was painting those blue walls. I removed all the outlet covers (and random shelves for 7' 5" giants (also not installed by us) and got to painting. The paint I used was a colour from Home Depot (chosen to coordinate with the light tones in the wallpaper) but I ended up using Dulux paint as they had a two for one promo running. Unfortunately I didn't get my paint chip back so I'm not sure of the exact shade name.
Here is a close up of the wallpaper. It looks out of focus and blurry but it actually isn't. The wallpaper is done that way on purpose to add depth. If you run your hand across the wallpaper it actually has texture too so looks quite realistic in person. You can see the seam below as well if you look closely (just below the bottom of the middle 'plank') but in person it is pretty much invisible.

The room feels a lot brighter now with the addition of the light paint. Ignore the bed in the middle of the room, it was next on my hit list (paint!) so we left it there so I could work on it. 

Chace loves it, and Chef Kev and I are smitten as well. Belle (the dog) could care less. We never consult her anyway.

Next up is:
- painting the bed
- installing a reading light
- getting a desk and chair
- putting up curtains and a curtain rod
- making that closet work
- art and accessories
- update the overhead light fixture

Still a ways to go but coming together. I've actually done a few of the above items already and hopefully can post them up soon!

Stay in touch and follow along...

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