Playing around in the playroom

Over the Christmas break I did a few much needed updates to Chace's playroom. The room served its purpose but was lacking a bit lot in the functionality and storage departments.

As you enter the playroom, you are greeted by this little guy.

You can also see Chace's ode to his love of all things Minion on the door as well.

But, back to this guy. He's a clay pirate that Chace made at his fourth birthday party. We held his party at a kids art studio - the girls made fairies and the boys made pirates. I still love this little creation.

Years ago, I framed him. I didn't use the glass though since he's three dimensional.

Okay, so now we are in the playroom. Back in the Fall I shared some photos snapped as we were settling in. At that point, the room looked like this…

Although not drastic I've made some fun changes and now the same view looks like this.

Most notably I've added a lamp. The room is SO dark and upgrading the overhead light is on our hit wish list. I also added some bookshelves to create a defined little reading area.

Eventually we will upgrade the peeling faux leather chair but for now, our 6-year-old client isn't too picky. Plus, it's fun finding little bits of pleather all over the house. Not annoying at all.

I love the lamp (this one from Ikea). I think the over-scaled design of it is perfect for a playroom. It screams "hey, I'm a desk lamp that ate my Wheaties and look at me now". Or something to that effect. Either way, I find the overexagerated scale of it has a comical, animated feel. Plus, it has a foot on/off switch which is super easy for Chace to operate.

The book ledges are the same ones that I used in Chace's old closet nook (see it here). They are actually picture ledges and are these ones from Ikea.  Picture ledges are such an easy solution for showcasing books. Plus, Chace always gravitates to the books that I front face on them so I know he appreciates it too!

Next to this area I have Chace's easel and toy bins from his old bedroom.

The bins used to be a catch-all for all things random but now they are dedicated to art supplies and creating. The easel came with cloth baskets that fit along the top rung but they were constantly tipping, were hard to access and blocked the blue ones on the bottom. So, they had to go.

Chace wandered in and wanted to help me label the bins. Kid after my label maker loving heart I tell ya.

Turning around and looking back towards the door, the playroom looks like this.

Opening those closet doors in the Fall would have you staring at this (avert your eyes)!

But now it looks like this…

Thanks to some Ikea bins and a lot of sorting, all toys are now organized and labelled. I also took this opportunity to purge a lot of the toys that Chace is no longer using/has grown out of. And the top shelf (which he can't reach of course so it's useless to him) holds adult games.

Overall the room feels much better now. Recalling our wish list from this post you can see that there is still much to do, but at least there are a few things crossed off. And it will all come in time.

  • shelf supports ( am crossing this off as after living with the shelves piled with things for months, supports don't appear to be needed - read, no sagging and/or pulling)
  • organize closet
  • lamp
  • window treatment
  • paint?
  • decor/art
  • new chair
  • toy storage and systems (I may still add to this but not high on our priority list right now)
  • art display area
  • new door hardware

Anyone else do some organizing over the break? January always makes me want to whip our house into order :).

Stay in touch and follow along...


  1. I looooooooove your playroom!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  2. This is an organized heaven! Love it! And yes, the art hanging would be a perfect touch. :)


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