Faux Wood Wallpaper

Chace's bedroom makeover is coming along slowly but surely. Recently we completed a key element of his room - the faux wood wallpaper! If you are new to this discussion, feel free to get caught up here where I went over my vision for his room and shared all my ideas via the mood board below.

Today we are here to talk about the wallpaper though! I came across this amazing faux wood wallpaper from Lowes and thought it would be the perfect addition to the modern farmhouse room that I wanted to create for my little guy. I planned on flipping it on its side though #horizontalforthewin

But let's back up. Just before we started the wallpaper, the room looked like this - pretty much how it looked when we moved in over a year earlier (what!?) except for the addition of the loft bed which we inherited from some friends (their little guy had become a big guy and outgrown it). I have plans to paint the bed as well (is nothing safe around me) and you can get an idea of my vision in the mood board above.

Anyway, on to what the room looked like before...

Poor kid. If Pepto-Bismal was blue, it would be this shade. Enough said. We didn't paint it this colour (to state the obvious).

It's been fun watching the cute teal dresser (which looked so perfect in Chace's last room) clash with the Pepto-Bismal-Blue walls all year. And that closet organization... exactly, what closet organization? That 'system' was coming out too. It might have been fine for a teenager (the previous owners had teen boys) but it wasn't working for my seven-year-old. He couldn't reach the bar to hang his clothes up and the small side shelves were really awkward (and installed wrong). The 'lip' of the shelf pointed up so you had to slide things on and off the shelf via the right hand side only. Awkward.

So, fast forward to me roping my dad into helping. Here he is in action.
It was actually a group effort as it required my mom and I holding the paper up while my dad installed it horizontally. A bit tricky, but doable. After he had each strip up, we wiped out all the bubbles and excess water. We took our time and ensured that each strip stayed in place without slipping down the wall as we did each row. The end result was really smooth with nice tight seams.

Here it is complete! Next up was painting those blue walls. I removed all the outlet covers (and random shelves for 7' 5" giants (also not installed by us) and got to painting. The paint I used was a colour from Home Depot (chosen to coordinate with the light tones in the wallpaper) but I ended up using Dulux paint as they had a two for one promo running. Unfortunately I didn't get my paint chip back so I'm not sure of the exact shade name.
Here is a close up of the wallpaper. It looks out of focus and blurry but it actually isn't. The wallpaper is done that way on purpose to add depth. If you run your hand across the wallpaper it actually has texture too so looks quite realistic in person. You can see the seam below as well if you look closely (just below the bottom of the middle 'plank') but in person it is pretty much invisible.

The room feels a lot brighter now with the addition of the light paint. Ignore the bed in the middle of the room, it was next on my hit list (paint!) so we left it there so I could work on it. 

Chace loves it, and Chef Kev and I are smitten as well. Belle (the dog) could care less. We never consult her anyway.

Next up is:
- painting the bed
- installing a reading light
- getting a desk and chair
- putting up curtains and a curtain rod
- making that closet work
- art and accessories
- update the overhead light fixture

Still a ways to go but coming together. I've actually done a few of the above items already and hopefully can post them up soon!

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Modern Farmhouse Bedroom (with a seven-year-old boy twist)

We've been in our house for just over a year now and my patient seven year old (is that even a thing?)  is long overdue for a "cool room".

When I last showed you his room it looked like this (and still pretty much does). But I have a plan!

I wanted to give Chace an updated room that wasn't a) too grown up (he's only seven after all) b) too young (he's already seven after all) and reused some of the things we already had. 

Influenced by the farmhouse craze my mind kept going there as a solution. I loved the masculine elements of that look but also really liked the flexibility it offered. So, I came up with a vision for how I could transform his room from "blah blue bore-ville" to "farmhouse fantasticness" (aka "a room almost as cool as Lego").

I will break down each element below and list my inspiration sources at the bottom of this post.

1) curtains and a dark curtain rod - I envision a nice white curtain and dark rod for a crisp, modern and clean look.

2) update light fixture - I love the look of this one. Not too 'trendy' but stylish enough to suit this look. I love the dark metal.

3) modern industrial reading light. This will go up on the wall above the loft bed so that Chace can read in bed if he likes. The on/off switch on this one is perfect since it's located on the light base. He won't have to get out of bed to turn it off.

4) I plan on planking the wall behind his bed with... wallpaper! Yes, this is wallpaper! I read some great reviews about it so am going to give it a try! I actually just received it a few days ago so stay tuned for how it turns out.

5) Loft bed! We received a hand-me-down loft bed a month or so ago (score!). It's already assembled but needs to be painted to match the vision I have. Stay tuned for that update soon too.

6) His existing bedding from his room at our old house (I think it's been discontinued though).

7) His existing dresser from his room at our old house.

8) Lego artwork - I plan to do something like this, but not quite. I love the idea of getting Chace involved in making art for his room though. 

9a) Rustic, industrial modern wood shelves. I like shelves that don't take themselves too seriously and these ones look like they want transformers piled on them.

9b) A big canvas basket to hold rogue stuffies (awwwhhh)

10) A new desk chair. I think homework will be coming fast and furious soon!

11) A new desk. The inspiration is a combo of Ikea elements and I love the finished result.

12) A nice, light coat of paint

So, there we have it! I have been given approval to proceed from the client so now that I have the wood plank wallpaper in my hot little hands I am going to chose a wall colour that complements and begin painting. Then up goes the wall paper. I will keep you posted on the progress!

sources/inspiration: 1a / 1b / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9a / 9b  / 10 / 11a / llb / 12

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Canada Day drinks!

Canada Day is this Friday! In honour of this special day I thought I would repost a fun Canada Day drink idea from a few years back. Enjoy! Have a great long weekend everyone!

- - - - -

This Sunday is Canada Day - which is quite appropriate given that I'm Canadian ;). ... So here's a little idea that you may enjoy tipping back as you tip your hat to this great country.

Now I don't think I need to point out the obvious, but you probably notice that this drink is layered in red and white - just like our amazing Canadian flag. How patriotic! And gorgeous. And tasty!

I can't take full credit for this idea though. This morning as I was feeding my little guy breakfast I had the 'Today Show' on in the background. Given that July 4th is coming up, they were doing a segment on entertaining ideas for the holiday. They featured an amazing layered red, white and blue drink. I thought, "hey, I want to try that" so I went to their site looking for some direction.

What I found was a section linking to favourite pinterest inspired July 4th ideas and I found the inspiration for the drink I saw - which led me to this site.

So, I got started.

What you will need for this is:
Sprite Zero
Cranberry Juice

First I filled my glasses about 1/3 full of ice.

Then I filled each cup about 1/3 full of cranberry juice.

Then I added a bit more ice and begain to layer. I poured in another third of Sprite Zero. The key to layering is to pour your second beverage DIRECTLY on to an ice cube so that it does not mix into the cranberry juice.

You can see the Sprite Zero hitting the ice cube above.

Here they all are with their second 'white' layers.

So then I went to add another layer of red cranberry juice.

FAIL! flopzilla. mixville.

I think what happened here is that the layers mixed because the sugar in my cranberry juice, was denser/heavier than the sugars in my pop. There is a note about drink sugars here. I thought I had covered my bases, but apparently not.

Oh well, on to plan B.

I cut up some strawberries and created a new red layer! They didn't sink down as I was careful when placing them and made sure they sat on top of the ice.

And when that was all said and done we had this!


I must admit, I drank the one that I messed up as I typed this post. Delicous!

I'll save the two pretty ones for Chef Kev and Chace :)

Have a wonderful and safe long weekend everyone. We're off to do some fun things around town and celebrate a good friends' birthday.

And probably drink a few more of these no doubt.

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Baby got back

We recently tackled some updates in our back yard. I haven't shared this space much because - to be honest - until now there wasn't much to share! It was in a DIS-GUST-ING state. Let me show you.

But first, a little preamble. Our back yard is quite small. It is one of the compromises that we made when purchasing this house. There were so many other things that we loved about our house - the layout, the fact that it was a "2 story plus basement", the greenbelt that we back on to, the neighbourhood, the proximity to Chace's school etc. that we decided even though the yard was small, we could work with it.

We have big plans down the road to give it a complete makeover - new fence, designate 'zones' (dining, lounging etc) and a new deck to name a few. We haven't finalized that plan yet but when we do, I will share. We envision a true entertaining paradise. It's a future project so for now our goal was to just clean it up and be able to use it.

A little disclaimer - we are not slobs so you can't judge based on these 'before' pictures (please don't). When we moved in last summer we didn't tackle the yard at all because we were busy unpacking (and working). The photos are a result of past gardening mistakes, follies, crazy people, neglect, a very rainy and windy Autumn and Winter (although I did clean up all the leaves during that time) and the fact that (did I mention) we back onto a greenbelt. The greenbelt Gods laugh as they rain sticks and debris down into the garden (true story, I've heard them).

But finally, we got our hands on it for the first time back in early/mid April. And it's looking much less insane now. We even managed to rope my parents in to helping which was a HUGE help (thanks Mom and Dad!)

BEFORE (yuck). The view looking down from the upper deck. The deck is off our kitchen which is on our main level. The property slopes though from the front to the back so the deck is about half a level off the ground.


I should mention at this point, my love for black mulch. After cleaning up all the garden beds, we topped them up with topsoil, did a bit of planting and gave everything a layer of black mulch. I am obsessed with it.

You may have seen this photo if you follow me on Instagram...

BEFORE (seriously?) A very flattering shot of our skinny upper deck. There are stairs that go down to ground level off each end.

AFTER: Chefkev got his power washing hands on it. He power washed #ERRYTHING by the way.  He showed the concrete, the shed, both decks, the deck rails and even the patio furniture who was BOSS. He was a man on a mission!

BEFORE (stop!). Looking down the stairs at the oddest (yet still very functional) deck ever built.

AFTER: All cleaned up. Along the fence I used one of the big black planters that we had from our last place (see them in action here and here). Inside I planted Crocosmia which apparently will look a bit like a 'birds of paradise' flower when it blooms. I can't wait to see that!


BEFORE (sigh, it gets worse before it gets better). The weird little space between the deck and fence.

AFTER: filling in that space with some pachysandra (a nice ground cover). Those little shrubs will fill in this space over time.

BEFORE (avert your eyes!). Looking off the deck across the back yard.

AFTER: just better all around right?

BEFORE (gak!). The weird garden bed I lovingly call 'the trough'. "sooey!"

AFTER: all cleaned up and ready to go to pasture.

I'll note here that aside from a little lot of of elbow grease, we didn't invest much in this space. We did buy the top soil and black mulch as mentioned, and a few plants (which I will mention where relevant). But that was pretty much it. As a result, some areas remain empty (like above) but that's okay for now. It will come in time. The hostas and ground cover above were already there from previous owners.  

BEFORE (ouch). Looking off the deck towards the fence.

Okay, so here is where things get weird. See that plywood board? Well, under that was a pond insert. Or a water feature insert. I'm not sure. It was not hooked up and was literally a big plastic tub. So, so weird. And I didn't take a picture of it (WHY!? THE SHAME!). And it's long gone now. But trust me. It was weird. And stinky. So, out it came. And see all those rocks? They got used too, in a new and different way (to come). You can see a sneak peek below.


BEFORE (all the ugly). Across the yard, looking back towards the deck.

Man. This is the worst best one. I think my favourite part is the piece of damp cardboard that was left over from a spray paint project and then got blown there by the wind. It adds a nice designer touch don't you think? And that red 'egg' is a dog toy in case that had you stumped.

AFTER: thank you.

BEFORE (make it stop!) I don't really have much to say here.

AFTER. We could only go up from there right?

BEFORE (yup, it gets uglier). The other set of stairs leading up to the deck.

AFTER: Cleaner and safer. The stairs were SO slippery before they were power washed.

BEFORE (in all it's slimy grossness). The upper deck from the other angle.

AFTER: Much more inviting.

BEFORE (blech - that auto corrected to "belch" which actually might be just as relevant here). A close up of the upper deck railings and surface (where it wraps over the edge).

AFTER. No belching required.

BEFORE (I think I might be crying). The trough from the other side.

AFTER: Much better. Pulling weeds (and rocks) and adding black mulch sure does make everything better.

BEFORE (sinister music). The shed. Looking mighty creepy in all its side-sludge glory.

AFTER. Now no horror movies can be filmed here.

BEFORE (feast your eyes on this). Here is another crazy wrong that we righted. It's a bit hard to see but the section far right had a wooden border. It was actually a wooden (3 sided) box. That angled piece on top was nailed down (to hold the corner together?) Or perhaps to rest that little wire planter on it? I have no idea. You can see the third 'side' running down the middle of the garden towards the back.  I am guessing maybe they had a herb or vegetable garden here (or the idea for one)? Regardless, it was empty when we moved in.

To the right of that we had a few feet of the stone border. Which was weird because it didn't even go to the end. So, we ripped it all out and just made ONE nice garden bed. That was my dad's idea and it looks so. much. better.

AFTER: yay!

BEFORE (sad face). Moving down the same strip of garden bed toward the deck.

AFTER: All cleaned up (with nowhere to go). But at least now it looks good!

BEFORE (are you bored yet?) Check out that amazing deck finishing. What the heck were we supposed to do here for zero dollars to make it look better? We didn't want to put any money into finishing it off better as this is not a permanent solution. Oh, and don't forget to spot the plywood piece that hid the stinky tub far right.

AFTER: Ta da! My favourite part of yard now. My dad took the old stones that were there and made a little 'platform' on the ground. It was quite the puzzle. On top of that I used my other black planter and planted Crocosmia in there as well. We used the remainder of the old stones and stacked them on each side of the planter - effectively closing up that gaping hole on the right side of the stairs.

To clean the stairs up I got rid of all the random pieces of decking, Chefkev did his power washing 'thang' and I filled in the messy void under the stairs with some black mulch.

Here are a few closer looks at what we did with the stones and planter to clean up that area in front of the deck.

BEFORE (will it ever end?). Smelly, dirty board.

AFTER: Still dirty. But in a good way!

BEFORE (ugh). The big pile of rocks. That was fun.

AFTER: To fill the void left by the rocks we planted angelina (no, not the one you are thinking of), voodoo and black mondo grass (great band name).

BEFORE (last one!) Looking down towards the lower deck from the upper deck.

AFTER: Now there's a space that calls my name. "Come and have a cold bevy on me Elaine!"

And who am I to turn down a talking deck?

I grabbed some citronella candles at Home Depot this past weekend too. The yellow roses are from our garden. We inherited the rose bush when we moved in and had no idea what colour they were until it bloomed. It was badly pruned in the past so I actually had to cut it back quite severely as it was pretty much falling over, but before I did, I clipped the two blooms it had.

It's amazing what a small budget and a lot little elbow grease can achieve. Our backyard may be small, but now she is mighty too!

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