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I did it. I finally bought my first Stella & Dot jewellery pieces!

This is my second time to a hosted Stella & Dot party. I LOVE their stuff but due to the cost (it is quite pricey for 'costume jewellery') I held out purchasing until now. I even put about 40 pieces (not kidding) on my Christmas list but alas, no takers.

I actually revamped some jewellery not too long ago and restyled one piece with a Stella & Dot necklace in mind. You can read that post here. Needless to say, I love their stuff.

So, I took the leap and dove right in. I mean really, how could ladies + appies + wine + kid free zone + amazing jewellery NOT = a good time?

And a good time it was. The hardest part was deciding what to buy. Seriously. I probably stressed about it too much. But in the end I decided.

And here is what I purchased:

RAINA earrings. I love these as they have multiple tones of metal which make them look amazing with anything. Plus they really catch the light so are a great statement piece. They will really stand out when my hair is tied back, but are still bold enough to hold their own when I wear my hair down.

I also purchased two bracelets which will be fantastic layering pieces. I could wear them on their own of course, but love the look of multiple bangles. I have a bunch that will look great with the two I decided on.



Like most home based parties, you place an order for the product so you don't actually come home with it that night. So the wait is officially on. I am really excited to receive my new treats!

Tick tock.

What about you? I know I am a bit late to hop on the Stella & Dot train but now that I have arrived I'd love to hear your experiences with their product. What pieces do you own? What are your faves?

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