Oil & Vinegar Lazy Susan

Chef Kev loves to have all his cooking essentials close at hand and I love to organize so basically, a marriage (pun intended) of the two was bound to happen...

Now, the 'before' wasn't a horrible mess, but did make my need-for-things-to-be-tidy-and put-away problem a little nuttier.

But then I remembered that we had been given this as a Christmas present years ago.
We do use it, but not daily of course, so I stole the lazy susan component from the box! Come on out Suzy!
Then I gave the bottles a good clean and loaded them on...

And a few minutes later I had a nice and organized oil & vinegar collection!
I love it when a plan comes together...
Especially when the plan spins! Weeeeeeee! ....
What about you? Any quick and easy updates around your home? I know I'm not the only one out there who likes things all nice and tidy so 'dish'. See how I did that? Cooking, kitchen, dish? Ah, never mind.

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