Desktop Calendar Roundup: October 2012

The second favourite month of any toddler - Halloween! er, ah, I mean October. Wow. Already?

Here is my roundup of the calendars that caught my eye this month. Click on the link below each calendar to be redirected to the dowloads.

Trick or Treat! ... or calendar. Whatever.

Just as sweet right?

Red Stamp

The Foodies Kitchen

Oana Befort

The Pretty Blog

Stacy Hanna

Jennifer Squires

Dave Hornsby

Marina Design (via Smashing Magazine)

Paper Leaf

So which one is your favourite? Let me know if you download one and which you choose if so :). Do you design a calendar that you'd like included in my monthly round up? Drop me a note (or comment below) if so.

Happy October everyone! ... 84 days until Christmas ;)


  1. Thanks so much for always posting monthly desktop calendars! You find such a great selection. I liked Oana's for this month and will enjoy looking at it!


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