Celebrating the Simple Beauty in the Everyday

Sunday morning as Chace was playing with his toys and watching 'Fireman Sam' I was doing the not so exciting task of puttering around the kitchen cleaning up.

I was hand washing some pots and pans and reached into the 'tea towel drawer' and discovered this...

Yes, a tea towel. Now of course I've seen tea towels before but not this one. The back story here is that my mother-in-law (originally from England) had told us to "never buy another tea towel as she had many". One day she must have given this to Chef Kev and unbeknowst to me, it ended up in our tea towel drawer. Straight from England (she visits there often) to us. 

I  took a moment to admire it. It's pretty, soft colour palette, intricate bird illustrations, spring-like flowers and beautiful linen texture. 

I thought, 'wow, you could frame this and use it as art'. How beautiful would this look in a powder room against coral coloured walls? It would be traditional yet completely unexpected when paired with a modern bright on-trend wall colour. I love that kind of juxtaposition.

I thought how amazing is that apple green paired with that soft blue. Then my mind wandered to some graphic design projects that I had on the go... and my mind also wanted to file this fresh colour palette inspiration for future ones to come. 

I thought, I love the weave of this linen - so delicate. So pretty.

I thought,  If I saw this, I would 'pin it'. I felt inspired.

I thought, I should blog about this.

I wondered, what is the "the royal society for the protection of birds - the lodge sandy bedfordshire" (the beginning of which can be seen on the bottom right part of the tea towel above)? So I looked it up and learned it was a registered charity in England and Wales focussed on wildlife conservation.

I thought, I didn't know that. Now I do.

I thought, what a beautiful tea towel. But it isn't 'just' a tea towel. It is more. It is a moment to reflect, a moment to stop, a moment to appreciate. 

It is beauty in an unexpected place.

There is so much simple beauty in the everyday; If only we slow down long enough to appreciate it.

And with that realization I gave Chace a kiss on the head, told him I loved him (as I always do) and went back to doing the dishes.


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