Boarding the Instagram Train

I've been fiddling around with the amazing Instagram App for months now and thought it might be nice to share some of the little moments I've captured. I won't bore you with every photo I take but thought every so often I'd do a 'dump' of 16 recent shots and then call out my top three faves (kind of like a Gold, Silver and Bronze award in honour of the Olympics!). This little idea was inspired by one of my favourite bloggers - Check out Bower Power if you are a blog lover and are in the dark.

So without further ado...

a little word on each if interested...

1) a Soccer World Cup snack in the colours of our guest's favourite team
2) pancakes - a sunday morning tradition
3) finally - shelves in this closet!
4) BRONZE winner - details below
5) SILVER winner - details below
6) another amazing Chef Kev salad
7) on the ferry for a little weekend getaway
8) GOLD winner - details below
9) rays of sunshine on my little angel
10) a beautiful venue at a recent fundraiser
11) Chace with his new outdoor water toy. A pirate ship. He was so excited that we had to set it up inside as it was raining the day we got it.
12) self portrait in the visor mirror
13) funky lights as I waited for some take-out dinner
14) I made banana bread!
15) Belle.
16) playing with crayons and colouring the kids menu

And now my top three faves. The medals go to...

BRONZE: Chace having a quick dinner (McDonalds - a treat) on a park bench. I love how he is holding his litlte chicken mcnugget and quietly playing with his happy meal toy. sweet.

SILVER: This was taken just last night as I was out for dinner with some of my best friends to celebrate a job promotion of one of the ladies. Good friends = food for the soul.

and my fave of all:
GOLD: Imagine Chace's joy when he realised this tape measure was metal and Colin the Crane's magnet could 'lift it'. Simple, simple pleasures. Ultimate Joy.

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  1. Very fun! What is your Instagram username?

  2. Just wanted to stop by and say hello ...:) I'll be following via email...hope you're having a great weekend...xo


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