Purty Peonies

Hello everyone! Long time no type! I had stopped this blog due to time (or lack thereof) but decided to activate it again as a) I really like doing it and b) people were asking where it was! a + b  made me rethink stopping it so here I am again. I can't promise to post often but hope that you who have been following enjoy when I do.

So, with that, I wanted to share what I found in my garden this morning!

Now this isn't overly alarming as I did plant them in April, but still a surprise to see nonetheless. You never know when you plant something if it's going to thrive or not. I'm happy to report that this peony bush is loving it's new home.

Aren't the lacey peach petals gorgeous? So delicate and pretty. This particular variety is called "Sorbet Chinese Peony".

Peonies are my absolute FAVOURITE flower so am happy to finally have one in my garden. I planted it specifically in a spot where I can see it from our kitchen and family room (open to the kitchen).

I love them so much that I even used them in my wedding bouquet back in 2006.

So needless to say I have a bit of a romance with peonies and was delighted to wake up to this little piece of sunshine on an otherwise overcast and gray day.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Oh, and since I had stopped blogging, my Facebook page was deactivated. Please (re)'like' me there if you so wish :)


  1. Love the colors!!! I'll have to plant some in our very small garden for next year. Thanks for coming back, we missed you!!


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