New Page for Chef Kev

I've been doing a bit of organizing around here - mmmmmm, organizing - yes I am weird like that.

Since I can see that my Chef Kev posts are popular, I created a page just for him where my readers can quickly find the links to their favourite recipes!

It can be found along the top - under my header - on the far right.

Click on over to take a peek!

Every time I make a Chef Kev post in the future, I will update this page with links as well.

Happy cooking!

Oh - and speaking of organizing, I've been doing a little cleaning up on my Pinterest account. I now have a board called 'from my BLOG' where I will be pinning projects, Chef Kev dishes etc. If you're interested, please follow along here.

And don't forget to like Visual Meringue on Facebook too if you're so inclined :).

Have a great weekend everyone - TGIF!


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