Big Boy Room Update

I thought it was high time I offered you all a 'Big Boy Room' update before my little guy outgrows it! Ha. Kidding. That won't happen for some time (thankfully)!

For those of you following along, you may recall my grand master plan for turning Chace's nursery into a room fit for a growing toddler that I shared back at the beginning of the year. I've been slowly picking away at it since, and now there are only minimal things left to do before it is complete. Luckily all the big items are done so time to share!

From the doorway, the room looks like this:

The cute owl bedding is what inspired the whole 'scheme' - that and trying to use as many things as I could from the nursery - dressers, shelves and curtains. The furniture was white and 'birch' toned so those few elements were my jumping off point. And of course I wanted to be able to do all of this on a pretty tight budget (enter Ikea).

I got the bed off of Craigslist but it is this one from Ikea. However, mine wasn't $179 for just the frame, it was $60 for the frame AND slats!

I'd also like to add art above the bed but don't want anything heavy that could fall down and hurt my little sleeping angel so would like to put up these sweet clouds from Umbra. I love how they play off the owl and trees and think they will look great on the blue wall.

I'd also like to add a little area rug for cute 3-year-old feet as they get out of bed and have found these two that fit the bill. Not sure which I will go with but will decide based on which one looks better with the bedding in person. I hope it's the round one as that is my fave. Both are from Ikea.

Recently we got this little table and chair also from Ikea here and here for some hardcore colouring/crafting/block building/car playing sessions. Chace loves it and I do too. I really wanted his room to have 'zones' - and being a pretty basic/smallish room that was a bit of a task!

Behind that you can see a glimpse of the toy storage station that we brought in. Also from Ikea (are we seeing a theme here)? All of these are from the Trofast line that they carry. The nice thing about this product line is that it is so versatile. You can literally build to suit to fit your own specific needs.

Yes. I made labels. So what? Sue me... or make fun of me. Your choice. Chace likes 'em.

Above the toy storage are the two shelves that Chace had back in his nursery - moved over and refreshed with more toddler friendly things.

I already had this frame but loved how it tied together the 'birch' and 'white' furniture elements of the room into one thing. Plus these frames are free standing and chunky - light but still masculine.

Chace loves pointing to this and saying "Daddy and Chace with Elmo shirt!"

Looking at the room from over by the window, it looks like this.

You can see Chace's growth chart which you may recall from here, and his closet nook which I blogged about here.

The only change I've made to the nook since I blogged about it is the addition of the soccer bean bag chair - before it had some pillows from our bed as a stand-in. My coworker gave me the bean bag chair as her sons had outgrown it - SCORE GOOOAAALLL! Daddy is a soccer goalie so very fitting.

There is one shelf at the very top of the closet which I've yet to add some storage bins too (not shown in the picture above but you can see it in the one before that).

Opposite to the books, the other corner of the closet has a little chalkboard which I shared here. (This picture is from that post which is why you see one of the 'stand-in'  pillows in the foreground.)

And last but not least, the other wall looks like this - oh how we can't WAIT to get rid of the change table... baby steps-breathe-baby steps (potty training isn't going so well).

See that blank wall? Well I have an idea for that which I'm currently working on and will share very soon!

So that's it. Only a few things left to do but almost there - and a loooong way from his nursery (you can see some old photos of that here if interested).

What do you think? Would love to hear your thoughts :).

UPDATE: the special project I was working on for that blank wall is now complete and can be found here!

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  1. Love it, kinda makes me want a little man now :) Just kidding looks great E!!

  2. it looks great E! Good luck keeping all the toys in the right bin once he gets a few years older lol...we were good until Ella was about 6 then I just gave up!

  3. This is such a great space for a little one. We are currently working on our 2 year olds room. Thanks for the inspiration and ideas. Lesley

  4. So absolutely adorable! Love it all! My daughter has a huge closet too in her soon to be big girl room so I'm turning it into her art studio. So nice to have a little nook. come stop by and enter my giveaway going on.

  5. This room is adorable! I just found you from the Flaunt It Friday linky - nice to meet you! I'd love to show this on my blog, just email me a quick 'ok' and I'll let you know when its up - PlayfulDecor (at) gmail (dot) com. Talk soon, Nan

  6. Everything looks so awesome! I LOVE the little nook, the stripes are perfect. Great job!!

  7. It looks great, should last him a long while, so many fun spaces! I love dwell designs as well, I used them as one of my case studies for inspiration for my uni work :)


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