My sweet taste of fame

This may just be another one of my "I'm famous by association" posts (like when I met Sarah Richardson) but hey, I live a pretty uneventful life and I get excited by little things. Plus, this post contains hearts which seemed very appropriate for today. Oh, Happy Valentine's Day by the way ;)

So, my friend Natalie came over last week as I was helping her make some favours for a baby shower that she was hosting (future post on that to come). Knowing that the way to my (sweet) heart was through sweets she surprised me by bringing  A CUPCAKE FROM CARLO'S BAKERY! Yes, THE 'Carlos' as seen on TLC's Cake Boss - of which I'm a big fan and record regularly. Hoboken Style Baayybeee (if you do not watch the show that last statement will make no sense and I can't be judged for weirdness as a result).



So, here's how Natalie managed to get said cupcake in to her hot little hands. Her husband (Thank you James!) was in New Jersery on business and on the day he was to fly home (the same day I demolished said cupcake) he went to Carlo's Bakery bright and early and purchased a half dozen box of goodness. A plane trip and two car drives later and it was sitting in my living room. ... and all I had to do to get it was design some party favour tags. Does anyone else need party favour tags? Warning - they come with a catch that involves a plane and cupcakes.

Natalie let me keep the box. And then laughed at me because I got excited about it. Whatever. I'll take the mockery.

I was a good wife and cut my precious cupcake in half to share with Chef Kev. No pictures of that as it was just too sad to photograph. Chef Kev isn't even a sweet lover... so in essence I shared my sweet sweet with my non-sweet loving sweet. Do I get brownie cupcake points for that?

And, yes, needless to say, it was DELICOUS!


  1. Lol, cupcake points!
    I love that show, remember the one with the pregnant wife and the hubby got a HUGE box of all his famous treats! OMG they all looked so yummy!!! happy Valentines day to you :)

  2. Another kindred spirit who saves everything! I am totally with you on the "saving the box" mentality!! You lucky lady!! A Carlos cupcake; woo-hoo! That is on my list of places to visit someday! Happy and sweet Valentine's Day!!! Thanks for such a fun post!!!

  3. I think Kev is a mighty lucky guy so yes, major big cupcake points!! Definitely looks like a tasty treat ;-)


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