Cute as a button

My last post was all about my rockin' Carlos Bakery cupcake (yes, THE Cake Boss)! And this post is about the favour I did that brought that little cupcake into my life (oh cupcake, how I miss thee).

My favour was ... well favours! At least the tags anyway.

My bud Natalie threw a surprise baby shower for a girlfriend and had the great idea of doing something along the theme of "cute as a button". She had originally hoped to make soap but that proved a bit difficult when sourcing. I recalled a place where you can get chocolate molds that Jen from Harmony Cakes had mentioned (what's with me talking about cake all the time?) and the idea of doing chocolate suckers was born! Along with the tagline of "sweet as chocolate, cute as a button". Oh play on words, you are so fun.

Natalie made the suckers so I don't have a step-by-step on that but if anyone is curious, let me know and I can get the details from her. 

To do the favour tags I designed them in Indesign and then trimmed them down using a 1.5" hole punch. The polka dot pattern is actually a second layer trimmed out of scrapbooked paper and is a 2" circle.

There are many punches on the market (these are from Michaels craft store) but what I love about this type is that you can flip it over and see exactly where you punching. Not too important for a pattern but essential for a tag with text or an image you want centred. 

I then simply used a tape runner to affix the smaller white circle on top of my patterned one.

And to punch a hole I used my new punch - which makes a smaller hole than a traditional hole punch. So much prettier and more delicate looking.

For those following, you may recall me mentioning here that I should just go and buy one of these punches for the number of times I wished I had one. Well guess what! She's mine baby.

During the cupcake carnage Natalie tied the tags to the suckers and these suckers were done!

Sweet success (get it... chocolate, sweet.... ). Stick to my day job?

Anyway, the shower was a great hit and mama-to-be was very surprised. Here are a few detail shots of the night.

I love how Natalie made 'wine charms' out of ribbon that matched the theme. So simple yet so pretty!

... again with the cupcakes...

I loved this pattern on the napkins. I want drapes made out of it. But fabric please. I don't think paper napkin drapes wash well.

Loved the little onesie garland. They were hung on a ribbon attached to her mantle.

no shower is complete without tissue poofs ;)

This little baby happens to be due on my birthday. I can't wait to meet him - I'm already one of his biggest fans ;)

Speaking of fans - are you a fan of the favours? If so, you may like these too if you missed them. A sweet tea party themed favour for a special little baby girl.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some chocolate with my name on it. Well, not MY name but know what I mean.


  1. Love the favours. If I ever want another baby, can you come do my baby shower?


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