Cleanin' Up

You know when you do one of those little clean ups around the house that doesn't really look a whole lot different and didn't really need to be done, and your husband rolls his eyes amused at you because you spent time on it... and gives you one of those 'only you would do that...' kidding/mock looks? ... But in the end you're really happy you did it and YOU notice the difference and are proud of yourself because it cost a whopping zero dollars... Well, ya, that's me. That's this post... and that's how my little laundry area did a quick switcheroo from this...

It only looks looming and dramatic as it's right at the top of the stairs as you hit the landing... so I had to go down a few steps to get a 'full' shot.

I'm going to admit that I removed some of the laundry pile to take this shot...

to this!

Not earth shattering but I'll break it down in detail below...

Okay. So still just a laundry closet (it didn't magically transform in to a bright, pristine laundry room with natural light cascading through the window and white gleaming granite as I had hoped) but it's NOW a much tidier, more organized laundry closet!

My first headache was the top shelf of games. We have a lot of games and do like playing them but some didn't get used as often as others and being 5'3" tall not only could I not reach them, I couldn't see them half the time! If a small box was put up too high it was the "ol 'outta sight, outta mind" adage.

So, I pulled two bins from other places in the house, organized and restacked the games and was left with this...

On the left are the ones that are too big for bins and/or played more often...

And on the right, 'binned' up! Simple labels make identifying the contents SO much easier. And I can actually reach the bins to bring down MYSELF.

A 'new' home for the drying rack (we had this before but one of the hooks had fallen off...

And I made a few simple tags (with the punches I used here) and used some baskets I already had for some pretty storage... of some not so pretty items.

And last but not least a two sided "laundry cheat sheet" which I got from here (laundry symbols) and here (stain removal). I added some colour to the symbol chart to make it a little more pleasing :)

umm... this last thing may have been what prompted the 'chuckle eye roll' from Kevin.

hung with a pant hanger - cute right?

So yes, not monumental by any means... but to this little organizational gal it's "tidy heaven". ahhh...

Now if that dang laundry could just wash, dry, fold and put away itself!

That's not too much to ask is it?


  1. Looks great and anything that makes laundry more appealing is a win in my book!


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