Desktop Calendar Roundup: January 2012

Following the 'band wagon' of some of the great blogs out there I thought I'd offer a round up of the monthly desktop calendars that caught my eye. I normally get mine from Jo-Anna over at A Pretty Life in the Suburbs (thanks Jo-Anna) but notice she didn't do one this month so thought I'd just get off my post-holiday butt and provide my own for you. If I like them so much then perhaps you will too?

If you're like me your inspired by all things visual so why not change up your desktop pattern each month to keep things fresh. Simply click on the link below the one you like and download the appropriate size for your system - enjoy!

The Studio of Mae

Some Kitchen Stories

Jennifer Squires

Craig Ferguson

Jared Erickson



Paper Leaf

LeeLou Blogs

The Caroline Johansson

So, what do you think? A monthly 'round up' worth doing? Do you think you will download one? If so, which is your favourite pick?

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  1. Cool, thanks for including Nicole's calendar! Have you seen Cotilde's from Chocolate & Zucchini? They're always wonderful- makes me want to buy another computer just so I can have both.

    Judi- Some Kitchen Stories

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my calendar, it means a lot to me :)


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