Winter Wonderland Weekend - part three

This marks the last installment of our Winter Wonderland Getaway. If interested but you missed it, you can see part one here and part two here.

We awoke on day three to RAIN. Still nice and snowy out but now quite slushy... and cold. But, alas, the silver lining - my SPA appointment that I had booked!

I left Kevin in the room with his coffee and happily skipped off for my facial (okay, so perhaps I did not skip but I sure felt light hearted as I headed for my pampering session).

The spa at the hotel had a bit of a Morrocan or Indian 'flavour'. It was quite interesting and surprising really as the rest of the hotel has a very west coast feel.

Cool nailhead detail and quite unexpected on chocolate velvet fabric!

In the treatment room they had a beautiful sink. I loved the finish on it.

I had a facial that was AMAZING. It was so relaxing and incorporated hot and cold stones into the process. Unlike any facial I've ever had and by far my favourite to date. For any one lucky enough to ever go, ask for the "Purely Age Defying" facial.

After my facial I floated back to our room and then took my book and continued to float down to the lounge. Here is where I parked myself and indulged in a ridiculously fluffy novel (so indulgent). Oh, and for anyone wondering, the novel is 'Queen of Babble Gets Hitched' ... don't judge ;).

I sat right there in one of those oversized leather chairs. Comfy. You can't really see it well but the fireplace is double sided and opens to more seating on beyond.

The bar was sparkly and clean... which of course meant my camera had to come out again.

I really like the reflection of the glasses in this shot.

Looks like they make some pretty fancy cocktails here!

After my lounge stop I went back to our room and had a nice big soak in the soaker tub (how appropriate). While I soaked, I watched the movie 'Love and Other Drugs' which I thought I'd like but I was so bored that I turned it off to be honest. I just wasn't feeling it. I actually like Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway as actors but for some reason I didn't find them interesting together on screen. Just my opinion. I'm sure others loved the movie?!

Once it got dark I went outside with my trusty tripod and camera and did some more experimenting. I've always loved shots of building and houses that are taken at night and just seem to ooze a warm glow. It always looks so rich and inviting. I was hoping to recreate that by allowing my shutter to remain open, letting in more light and using the tripod to keep it all steady. And success! Here are some 
of my favourites that I snapped.

What a gorgeous hotel and what a relaxing getaway!

Oh, and for any who recall, I got so excited by my dessert last night that I forgot to take a picture. So of course I had to order it again so that I could get a proper photo ;)

Check out this descritption: "Banana, Bitter Chocolate & Dark Rum Cake - Chocolate Trio, Mission Fig Ice Cream & Crispy Yogurt". Are you kidding me!?

That disk on top is actually the 'crispy yogurt'. The inside of the chocolate rum cake is hollowed out and that is where they put the mission fig ice cream.

If you could marry a dessert Kevin might be in trouble (divorce by chocolate?)

Um, YUM! 

Thanks for indulding me (not unlike what I did to that dessert) as I recounted our Winter Wonderland Getaway!


Winter Wonderland Weekend - part two

For those of you following along, you'll know that this past weekend we escaped for a weekend of R&R to Whistler (see day one here).

Day Two we awoke to SNOW! It looked so beautiful falling lightly down and was just so peaceful. A beautiful silence broken... by a wimpering dog that wanted to go out for a potty break.

So, I bundled myself up and took her out for a nice walk. It was the perfect start to the day. Absolutely breathtaking scenery and so invigorating. But cold... and coffee-less, so after her bidness I continued back inside and set things straight - all while documenting as was my goal this weekend (to play with my camera - as mentioned in my earlier post). Now that's my idea of a good time :)

With the coffee brewing I turned my attention to breakfast. Kevin had brought up an assortment of fruit, cereal and biscuits. Yum!

Aren't the colours in a fig so pretty? I love the shades of pink, brown, cream and that vibrant green together.

After we relaxed and got our selves ready for the day, we found out the touristy thing we were going to do for the day was closed due to bad weather (there had been some recent storms).

So, Belle (our dog) convinced us that she needed to go out and play in the snow again and we obliged. Kevin walked ahead as I went snap happy with my camera.

I love how these shots look like they are (almost) black and white!

The mist looked really neat as it settled above the tree tops.

Looking back towards the hotel from our lake stroll...

I love how red the branches in the foreground are.

And a 'happy dog' shot...

We spent the afternoon doing some more relaxing after this walk (tough life). Then we were off to dinner at the restaurant in the hotel.

Of course I got sidetracked on my way down by pretty things in the hotel entrance.

Cool table base - so rustic yet modern with the glass top. And I thought the light fixtures were gorgeous. Um, yes please.

Dinner was Ah.Maze.Ing.

Luckily we had finished our main course and I was busy admiring the wine selection when...

we got a call from the front desk that our dog was whimpering loudly and barking up in our room. Oh. Awkward...

So dessert ended up being room service. Luckily they deliver ;)

And I was so enamoured with it that I forgot to take a picture. Woops.

Hopefully tomorrow on day three :).

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