Have a Holly Jolly... front door stoop!?

... okay, "Christmas", It's the best time of the year!

HAPPY DECEMBER 1st! Our little guy is awaking to an advent calendar today. His first (he's two and a half). Unfortunately I'll be at work so my husband will get to enjoy all the fun with him!

But, back to the task at hand....
We may not have snow but this girl's got balls (and I don't feel awkward typing that - no, not at all).

As you may have noticed, I've been busy creating our winter planter. And the best part? Aside from the fact that I get to say something that makes me kind of squirmy (fun right?) is the cost! Or lack thereof! This whole look only cost about $10. Not too shaaabby (did anyone else just hear the Adam Sandler song in their head?).

I already had the large balls from a previous year and I used to hang them as giant decoration with our Chrismas lights on the house. However, after years of dropping them and one especially rowdy New Years Eve party where they became soccer balls (ahem, cough, Kev's-friend-who-shall-remain-nameless) they had seen better days. In other words, I had cracked balls. Or my balls were on crack? No, sorry, the first one. Although they do sort of look like they are on steroids no? I wouldn't really know, I'm not that kind of gal. I just thought it sounded funny. And I ramble. With me yet?

Anyway, the planter has the curly willow and pussy willow all year round so that was zero dollars... The red berries were about $5, purchased at a local garden centre. The red branches were also about the same. So if you're good with math (I'm not, so I married an accountant) you will see we've already reached our grand total.

The pinecones I already had from a past Christmas arrangement. I used three large ones here.

I kept them from diving out of the planter to meet (yet another) untimely death by using some fishing wire as you can see below. I loosely hooked the balls around some of the branches to stop them from tipping over the edge. Since they are plastic they are very lightweight so the branches easily hold them. Oh, and it's probably apparent but I just stuck the branches and leaves into the dirt. They are all just 'cut' so there is no real planting involved. Due to what they are they don't seem to dry out before the season is over. How is that for easy maintenance!?

The greenery I 'borrowed' from the woods behind our house. And lucky for me, they weren't charging that day.

The wreath on the front door is one I made a few years back by simply winding two large 'berry garlands' (found at Michaels craft store) together to create a simple wreath form.

It's actually my Autumn wreath but I think it works better with the planter than my winter one does so it looks like it's staying out for another season!

And that's it! A simple porch makeover that when combined with taking the photos, writing this blog post and saying 'red balls' a bunch of times makes for a very effective way to procrastinate doing laundry. Oh. Laundry. Right. Drats.

But it's SOOOO much prettier than laundry. Maybe I should just wear the balls and give the wreath to Kev? Umm. Scrath that. Laundry. Stat.

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  1. Looks fantastic. I love the red ornaments you added!

  2. Elaine, I can't find a way to contact you via e-mail, but I wanted to thank you for coming by my blog! It looks like you don't post regularly anymore, but what I see here is beautiful. :)

  3. Love your holiday decor! Your home looks so welcoming! Love the pops of red! Beautiful! Visiting from Serenity Now!


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