Spicin' it up

Things are getting spicy over here! Okay, not really but this old spice rack got an update. Not too bad in her 'day', but looking a tad wimpy by today's standards. Who am I kidding, it's just a spice rack. Standards = none.

Behold, le spice rack before...

Pretty nice random bottles don't you think?  No, me neither. Funny thing is that we had all the bottles that matched but for some reason I started putting them aside to clean and freshen up the contents and the rack sort of morphed into this er... ah, 'eclectic' collection.

Exhit A (well, I guess really it's exhibit B) ... old, peeling dirty labels. I mean, not to judge but... eeewh.

A good cleaning of the rack and a few coats of good ol' Oil Rubbed Bronze and we were on our way! 

The labels got some major lovin' too as well as all the jars getting a thourough clean and top up.

This was a super fast makeover and I think it makes a BIG impression. It's like a whole new spice rack! How did it look in the end? Well, just check out my rack. (yup, was totally waiting to say that).



Admit it. I have a nice rack.

Here is a closer look at the finish. I love how 'oil rubbed bronze' has that shimmery undertone. Fancy Shmancy. 

I have a fancy shmancy rack.

Have you oil rubbed anything lately? Spiced anything up? Made a bad joke about how fancy your rack is? Please tell me I'm not the only one ;).

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  1. Aaah...I love organizing and making labels.

  2. Very fancy pants! I love the uniform bottles and the dark colour is much better.

    I made over a knife block that had a similar finish as your "before" rack: http://dans-le-townhouse.blogspot.com/2011/09/diy-chalkboard-knife-block.html

  3. Hey, nice rack! ;)

    I haven't oil rubbed anything but now I really want to. Maybe my old knife rack. The spice rack is mostly plastic so I don't think that would work.

  4. Nice rack for sure, I just threw mine away cause it looked all nasty and stuff. But who knew you could rack up style & spice to make old new :)
    Only you E.


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