Child's play

There is an office building near where I live that has this painting behind the reception desk. I've admired it for years and this week while in the office I was 'that person' who actually pulled my phone out and snapped a picture of it. Should have seen the look I got from the receptionist...

Our little guy is just over two and a half and in the new year we'll be working on transitioning him to his 'big boy bed' and I'd like to do some inexpensive updates to his room, taking it from nursery to well... three-year-old-ville. I was thinking I could recreate something like this!

Anyhoo, weird looks aside check this out. I LOVE this.

Wouldn't that be fun in a kids room? I especially love the texture and the layering of paint. Here's a closer look (again with the weird raised eyebrow as I zoomed in with my cell phone - not making too many friends at the office).

I thought this could be relatively easy to recreate and the randomness is super cool in my opinion. It will also be a fun way to get a toddler familiar with letter shapes - and seeing them interplay with each other in a new and unexpected way. Recreating it myself will allow me to customize the colour palette to suit his room too!

And speaking of that, check out what someone's big boy bedding is going to look like when he gets his new twin bed. LOVE!

How adorable is this!? I adore the owls all the quirkiness they offer. I am also googoogaga for the graphic and fun pattern. So sweet. And so many fun options to play off of this!

Here are two other bedding designs that I was contemplating for awhile but the owls just won me over... I think, no, I'm sure... I think. Oh, they are just ALL so cute!

Awesome sauce.

So yes, Owls and some funky letters are the start of my daydreaming about how to put together an extra special sweet and adorable room... for a little boy who is extra sweet and extra special... and adorable.

I will share any painting DIY as I tackle it And if the owls ever make an appearance on this end you will be the first hoooo to hear!

How about you, DIY'd any art lately? Purchased any new bedding recently? Was it owl based? What do you think of my lofty vision?


  1. LOVE that letter painting, I've seen it also and thought it would be great i a kids room. Great minds :)
    Also the Dwell stuff is what I had originally in mind for my girls, such cute stuff!
    xox Kel

  2. I love the owls!! But the trasportation one is really cute too. :-)

  3. Definitely the owls :-)
    Great letter painting... will you give it a try?!

  4. Thanks for the comment! Yes, I think I will try the painting - most likely in the New Year when we redo my son's room. I will definitely blog about it when I do!

    Thanks for following :)


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