Perfect Match

As recently mentioned, we've been brightening up our main floor. On a recent trip to Home Depot with my toddler in tow the new adorable Disney paint chips from Behr caught my eye. And my little guy Chace's eye too!

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He started pointing out the colours - on repeat (he's almost 2 1/2 so you can imagine that "green" is a very exciting topic with a high priority rating) and it got me thinking... Free. Excitable to little one. Colours... A perfect match!

So two each of select colours came home with me and now we have a free, new, fun matching game.

I chose very obvious colours - bright green, red etc so that the game was easy and fun for such a young guy. Making him match "persimmon" seemed a bit out of his comfort zone at this stage.

The new match game was an instant hit! "Mommy green mouse, green mouse, two!". What a sweet sweet sound.


  1. Elaine, love your homemade version of The Memory Game. I used to play this as a kid all the time :) Too cute!
    Thank you so much for popping by my blog today and leaving such a sweet comment. xo amy*

  2. Cute and free. We have a few memory games but I am planning a trip to HD to make another one :)


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