Little Black ...Banisters?

There seems to be a bit of a rivalry going on at my house. Team Mantel vs. Team Bannister. It threatened to get ugly folks... but all is well that ends well.

Here's how it all went down.

Banisters caught wind that Mantel had a painting party... but didn't invite them (oh. oh. Drama). So, after a heart-to-heart (what, you don't talk to your banisters?), I promised Banisters that they too could have a party of their own. And what did they want to wear? Well their LBDB's of course!

Here is how Banisters looked before dressing up...

They managed to put on a necklace had the tape on them already when I snapped these pics.

We have a few banisters like this around our house and I didn't want to hear them whine too wanted to paint them all the same for cohesiveness.

Here is the signature drink that was served at the party, and a party goer partaking in a big sip...

Once drunk painted all the ladies banisters looked fantastic. LBB's all around!

Oh, and for anyone following along, I used the RIGHT paint this time.

After we recently painted the main floor light the banisters just washed into the background. I feel it looks polished now. Black is the new banister.

With all the banisters painted the same way I am happy with how they all work together.  However, Chef Kev isn't sure he likes the white supports. What do you think? Paint them black? Leave them white? Something different altogether? Oh, and if the little coat hooks at the bottom of the stairs caught your attention, you can learn more about that project here.

So there you have it. Team Mantel vs Team Banister living together in harmony. Have you ever had bickering banisters? An ornery ottoman? cranky couch? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

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  1. I love the contrast. I say keep the white. Very visually appealing :)


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