Blogland Beauts #3: Subway Art, Blue Pumpkins and... oil!?

There is so much great inspiration out there in Blogland and this week was no exception. Here are some great finds from the past little bit...

First we have this awesome, fantastic, super cool graphic subway art (that I am SO going to frame) brought to us by Eighteen25. Jamie, Jodi and Jennifer are three sisters that have a fantastic and fun little blog. Always inspiring and beautiful to look at it's a 'must read' on my list. Love it. Thanks ladies!

AND, if orange and black aren't your thing, they also have this awesome design in green, purple and (just) black as well. Enjoy!


Since we're on the topic of Hallowe'en check out these awesome blue pumpkins made by Beth over at Home Stories A 2 Z. Simple and easy to make you simply need some dollar store pumpkins, some spray paint and crackle paint medium. Another thing on my list that I must try! I love how she took the typical Hallowe'en 'icon' and switched up the colour palette. The possibilities are endless. Beth's blog is full of great 'decorating on a dime' ideas (her words not mine) but if you ask me her ideas always look like a million bucks!


And to switch it up completely we head over to Delighted Momma where this week Lindsay offers yet another great skin tip (she is a licensed esthetician) to try. Delighted Momma is full of wonderful skincare and health advice and I find it very inspiring. This latest trick is bound to peek your curiousity.... Wash your face with OIL. Seriously. It makes sense. Go and check it out ... I'm going to give it a try!


Thanks ladies for the continued inspiration and great ideas. Love your blogs. And to my readers, hope you do too :)

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  1. Thanks for the shout out Elaine. Love the other great ideas you posted. You have a wonderul blog and I am so happy you stopped by mine.

    On a side note- build it and they will come..followers take time and organically growing your blog is the best way to do it! I am a happy new follower :)


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