Blogland Beauts #2 - books, cupcakes and bubbles!

First up are these amazing little front facing book shelves (made from Ikea Spice Racks!) created by Lindsay over at Aubrey & Lindsay's Little House Blog. Lindsay is a stationery designer (like me - well, not exclusively. I'm  a Graphic Designer but have done my own fair share of wedding stationery designs!), a mom (like me) and a blogger (like me) - cool chick! I guess I will have to be (like her) and make some of these adorable little bookshelves for my son Chace. Love these!

- - - - -

Next up we visit Ashli over at Maillardville Manor. Ashli has a wonderful clean, organized, simple - yet beautiful - approach to her home and I'm a big fan of her blog. This week she featured this amazing cupcake stand made out of second hand dishware. How genius is this!?

Love that mini bunting. too cute!

- - - - -

And last but certainly not least we pop on over to visit Katie at Bower Power. Katie's blog is one of my absolute all time faves! Katie is an amazing photographer and blogger. And she is just as talented on the keyboard (I mean computer not sythesizer but maybe she does that too?) as she is behind the camera. Her posts have been known to have me snorting coffee out my nose (seriously - girl is crazy HILARIOUS) or at times, even choke me up. She has an amazing way of expressing herself - as a wife and mom to a little boy - that is so real. This particular post about 'bubbles' I found especially poignant. And it reminded me of the recent fun with bubbles that I had with my own little nugget (bottom pic).



  1. I saw those spice rack book shelves! So wish I had an IKEA close by.


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