Pretty in Pink

Raise your hands if you wanted to be like Molly Ringwald when you were little! Did you want to be uber cool and moody, yet aloof and misunderstood? Did you wonder what she saw in Andrew McCarthy? Am I typing with my inside voice again? umm... sorry 'bout that.

Okay, on to todays post. Mentioned here in my deck post I hinted at doing some big things on the deck! This past long weekend (Happy Canada Day eh) I was busy working on some of my little projects and plan to share them with you over the next week or two.

First up was my charming little candle chandelier. A birthday gift from the hubs back about six years ago, it had seen better days. Not too bad (used loosely) from afar...

but she hid a dirty rusty little secret. A close up for you...

Mama needs some new mascara. oy.

So, never one to leave a good chandelier out to rust (okay, so I am one to do that, did you SEE those pics) I set out to correct my bad.

In search of some new sandpaper I came across these new sandpaper 'sponges' which I liked for this job as I wanted to get into the crevices while maintainng a good grip on my paper. Using regular sandpaper sheets can be cumbersome for a job like this. And result - they worked great.

Here Molly is mid-sand (Yes, I just named my chandelier after an 80's teeny bopper idol - so what?)

One she was all sanded I started the fun part - spraying! This is the part where you feign surprise about the colour.

Molly took about 367 8 coats to completely cover. The key to a nice spray paint finish is LIGHT coats to avoid the drippy droopy look. No one likes a drippy chandelier. Another tip is to make sure to turn her over and get in all the nooks and crannys for a really solid, smooth coating. The finish is really up to you but for something sparkly like this, a gloss finish is most appropriate.

And, now she looks like THIS...

Ain't she PRETTY!?

I'm in love. My husband on the other hand exclaimd "PINK!?" Yes, Duckie Kev, pink.


  1. I love this!!!


  2. Adorable!!! Will this go inside or stay outside? I have a friend who looks just like Moly Ringwald and yes I did want to be her when I was younger! Love pink but have never used it. Very inspirational!!!


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