Glittering Garden and a Geeky Beek

While working on my recent deck projects I realized my deck needed a little bling. Well, let's be honest, I wanted to put up some Christmas lights in the middle of summer. Kidding! (Well sort of. My love of Christmas is apparent here). But the bling was my main reason for this next project.

I thought a strand of little white lights would look great running along the underside of our retaining wall 'lip'. Just a small clean touch of lights to brighten the space on a warm summer evening.

So, into the storage I went and resurfaced with a string of lights and a staple gun.

But guess what? I underestimated how awkward the little lip is to get at and misjudged my lack of desire for stapling though electrical chords. Read that as: I'm chicken to staple electrical cords upside down into a 1" overhang of wood.

To rectify, I paid a visit to my local hardware store and somehow got coerced into picking up a snack for Chef Kev along the way. When I returned I had one pack of cable screws for my two pitstops. ... and some chips. Speaking of getting screwed (kidding Sweetie - hope you liked your chips) that's just what I did.

Much easier!

I ran an extension cord along the side of the deck (behind my planters) and to the outside electrical outlet where I plugged it in to my automatic timer.

I actually set this to the two hour setting since it doesn't turn on until dusk (which of course is much later in the summer than winter). 

And this is how she looked when done!

And once it got dark... bling! bling! bling! I love twinkle lights!

And now on to the second part of this post! 

As I went out to take the pictures of the lights as the sun went down I had the feeling I was being watched... not in a scary way but in a 'hey, look at me over here!' kind of way. And look who was peeking out from behind a hosta in my garden...

A 'Geeky Beek' (according to his tag). Isn't he adorable!? The story behind him is that my parents and sister were out shopping and spotted this little Mr. Personality. They immediately thought of my garden – partly due to my chandelier redo found here – and partly because of a few other little things I have in the works (yet to be unveiled). So, they scooped up this little guy and stashed him in my garden two days ago. I love him!

Now he just needs a name... any suggestions!? And yes, even though he's pink he just seems like a male to me. I don't know why.

I pulled him out from his hosta hiding spot to get a few pictures of him. What a little cutie and he sure adds some whimsy to the garden. Thanks Mom, Dad and Tanya! XO.

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  1. Love the addition of the white lights! I bet it's beautiful at night!

  2. i need to get me a geeky beek tooo ;) love it!

  3. The little white lights are like your own personal fireflys surrounding your garden :-) As for your new little Geeky Beek guy, I like the name you gave him: Mr. Personality. Either that or Roger. Don't ask me why... just popped into my head!! ;-)

  4. Thanks for checking out my blog!

    I love your idea for adding christmas lights. Such a great idea and the result is fabulous. So fancy!

  5. Name him Gus! Or Douglas. Or Dudley!

  6. It looks awesome! I love it. So simple and yet so pretty.


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