Flanking your tastebuds... Okay that was 'corn'y.

As I type this post, Masterchef is playing on the TV in the background. Perhaps that, combined with Chef Kev's close proximity and the fact that I am typing up these instructions will make me a better cook. Maybe... Perhaps. And perhaps my flank steak will grow wings and fly.

Looky what Chef Kev made for dinner!

Flank Steak and Basil Butter Corn Sandwich

The tip to making this sandwich sexy (yup, I said it - who doesn't like a sexy beast beef) is to marinate the steak overnight if possible (or at least for few hours).

Marinate the flank steak in a grilling sauce that has a nice combination of 'heat' (chilies, chipotle etc.) and 'sweet' (brown sugar, molasses, honey etc.). Ours was from winery I visited this past weekend - More on that trip later!

Next you'll want to start preparing your corn on the cob. Time this dish so that your steak and corn are ready at the same time. To get your corn on the cob ready, peel back the husk of the corn but leave it attached. Remove the corn silk inside and close 'er back up! Go make curtains out of your new silk (ha ha, who went looking for their loom? Bigger question, who HAS a loom?... anyhoo... ) Cook on medium heat on the barbeque (the corn, not your new curtains) for about 10-15 minutes turning as you go. The ears will burn but that is okay as you will be removing the husks. In essence you are steaming corn - keeping the sugars and moisture inside.

Cook your (now) marinated flank steaks on medium high heat on the barbeque for about 2-3 minutes per side. Your steak should be medium rare to medium. (Chef Kev note: Flank steak should not be cooked more than medium as it will become chewy).

Remove your corn and steak from the barbeque. Let your steak rest for about 5 minutes on a plate covered with foil. Yes, give your sexy steak a rest. In a saute pan, chiffonade fresh basil and let it melt with some butter on low heat. (Elaine: "What is chiffonade?" Chef Kev: "Google it." Elaine: type, type, type. Elaine {to you}: chiffonade is basically where you roll up your fresh herb and slice it thinly. Once unrolled you are left with long thin strips). Add salt and pepper and a bit of garlic powder. (Chef Kev note: do not use fresh garlic as it will over power). Melt together. The basil will infuse into your butter.

Cut the corn from its cob. Add to saute pan. Simmer on low heat for few minutes. Stir.

Lightly toast some open face Portuguese Buns on the barbeque.

Cut the (well) rested steak (slacker) against the grain in to thin strips. Doing so ensures it is not chewy as flank steak is very tough. Add some more of your marinade (obviously some that has not touched raw meat) so that your sexy steak is nice and sassy saucy.

Slice some jalapeno monterey jack cheese.

To assemble lay your steak on the bun and top with cheese and your basil butter corn. And you're (in the words of Chef Kev) "good to go"!

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