Blogland Beauts: the premiere!

Since I'm a new blogger most of my readers so far have been friends and family (understandably). That being said, a lot of you might not be privy to the visual smorgasbord that is blogland. So, as a treat I decided to start a new feature that I plan to do once a week highlighting some great blogs, ideas, photos and writers that are out there. Each thing I feature will be something that has caught my eye over the last week.


- - - - - - - -

First up is some wonderful Rosemary Lemonade posted by Krista over at Blue Eyed Yonder. Doesn't this just look SO delicious! Yum yum yum - and these photos, gorgeous. Is she talented or what!? And her blog is so sweet. This recipe is listed on her site - must try soon!

- - - - -

Now that we are all nice and thirsty, let's head to the water. Rachel and Lily are friends, wives, mothers and vintage junkies extraordinaire! They have a wonderful blog, Birch and Bird and Lily recently posted a bunch of AMAZING waterfront wedding destination photos. Here is a sneak peak, but you will have to head over to check out the whole collection. Stunning.

I love that chandelier and those lucite chairs against that mountain backdrop... sigh....

- - - - -

And last but certainly not least is a recent post by Coutney over at A Thoughtful Place. Her bio reads that she is "enamored with all things pretty, organized, well-designed, and efficient". A kindred spirit! She featured these amazing designs by Pretty Smitten and... well I am! By both these amazing iPhone covers and Courtney's wonderful blog.

- - - - - 

So there you have the first in my Blogland Beauts series. What do you think? Feeling inspired? I know I am!


  1. What a great idea for a series! To start most of my visitors were family as well and I think it's safe to say I gave them the introduction to the wide world of blogging. There's just so much gorgeousness out there. I am flattered that you would include my blog. XOXO

    Hope you try the lemonade, you've got me thirsy for some right now! :-)

  2. Thanks so much for including us in your lovely post, Elaine! Loving the jars of lemonade too!

  3. Welcome Elaine,
    It's always good to see newbies!! The pics are fabulous and hopefully we'll see you at one of the DLBW meet ups.

  4. I'm definitely going to be following your Blogland Beauts - good finds!


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