Serenity Now

Okay, so further to my post yesterday of our master bedroom smoothing, here is the follow up focusing on our master bathroom en-suite.

STOP! No seriously, that was what would happen when I walked in there. You see the walls were kind of red (painted that way when we moved in). So I would stop... and wait. Wait until they turned green so I could continue on with my duties.

The red had to go. It would be okay in a parisian apartment or a fancy boudoir but not with our seaside-ish bedding and calm bedroom walls. Non rouge-pas.

So, I pulled a calming blue shade out of our bedding (no, not the old blue on the bedroom walls) and introduced it to it's friend - white paneling - which I also freshened up with new paint. Then I threw on some earrings (on it, not me) in the way of signs and hooks and off he she went (what, girls can wear blue) to the party.

I picked up those little 'his and her' hooks when we visited England back in 2008. Love those.

And the best part about all this (aside from the obvious lack of red) is that I did all of this when my hubby was away one weekend for soccer. And yes, unlike the odd haircut or nail polish change, he did notice. And he liked what he saw.

So, my applogies to red, I don't hate you but don't want to date you anymore. I'm much happier with blue thank you very much. Ah.... serenity now.


  1. So beautiful! I love the line "red, I don't hate you but don't want to date you anymore", had me laughing over here. All in one weekend (eh) even better!

  2. Love it! Looks very serene and quite different from the passionate firework that was the walls.

  3. I think that red was waaay to powerful for those walls. Come over and see some more interiors and reupholstery.


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