A Place to hang his (Sir Topen)hat

My little boy loves his hats. And he also loves Thomas and Friends but that's neither here nor there. My little boy also loves to do things himself now that he's a 'big boy' (two), so when I came across these letters for $1 each (!!!) at Michaels a little light bulb went off in my head.

Why not make him his own little place to hang his hats - and coats!?

These letters came in white with the hooks attached but since they were living in the bargain bin they'd become quite scuffed and had yellowed a bit too. So I gave them a good spray with some white paint that I had on hand and they were as good as new again (well, they actually were new to begin with but now they looked newer than that even).

They also came with a little hook on the back to hang them but since the letters were cheap to begin with, the hooks were kind of wonky and not very well hidden on the back. In other words if I were to hang them that way you'd see nails and the tops of the hanger. Not very toddler friendly at all! Also knowing a kids tendency to yank things at eye level I came up with a good solution on how to hang (and consequently re-hang when yanked down) the letters.

You can see the hole left behind from where I removed the old hanger. Then I used (my favourite) "Command Picture Hanging Hooks". These things rock and I use them for everything. I especially love how they don't damage the wall, and of course are reposition-able.

Once I had all the letters hung this is what I was left with! Chace loves it and hangs his jackets up all the time. He also sits on the stairs, points and squeals 'hat!' at every given opportunity. Success!


  1. Such a fun memory for him. Happy Canada Day coming soon.

  2. Elaine, I'm so glad that I've found your blog! I'm loving it!! It's so nice to find another graphic designer/mom/blogger that is ALSO westcoast!


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