I'm a scrapper not a fighter

I love to scrapbook. I'm not sure if it's the visual part of me, the creative part of me, the sentimental part of me or the social part of me... but I do know that I like it. And so does Chace, my two year old boy. He regularly points to the albums and says "Mommy yook" (translation - Can we take a look at your exquisite album creations Mother dearest")

Now some of you might have raised an eyebrow at two parts of that - the 'social' comment as well as the whole 'scrap booking' love declaration. Let me address those.

You're thinking social? yes, social. I got into scrap booking because some of the lovely lady friends I inherited when I started dating my hubby (yay for my husband's buddies having great women) love to scrap. I was skeptical at first (see next note) but wanted to get to know them better and go away with them to their retreats so I decided to start an album. From there I was hooked. It was creative, fun and boy, had it come a loooong way.

Which brings me to my next point. For any of you who have the same 1990's impression of what scrap booking was that I did, throw it out with your solid colour construction paper triangles. Today's supplies are so amazingly different and BETTER so therefore, is the result you can achieve. Creativity at it's finest my friends. Very rewarding. And to document the ones and moments that you love - pricelessly awesome.

If you still don't believe me, check out Becky Higgins (the genius behind "Project Life") and Ali Edwards. Too amazing women who are pioneers in the field of scrap booking. Their stuff is ah-maze-ing.

This post was sparked initially due to a call for entires on Becky's blog. I've entered a few of my layouts so wish me luck!

Below are a few snippets of some of my recent layouts. Enjoy!


  1. That's impressive! I have a huge Israel scrapbook that I did back in 2000. Come on over and see some amazing design.

  2. Hey Elaine,
    I had a question on your page protectors, where do you get those, it seems like you just slip in your pic's and cute add ons, that's awesome! I've been glueing and taping and pasting and glueing! I'd LOVE to know where you get those from???? :)


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