Feeling BLUE? Not anymore!

Since I'm very new to this whole blogging thing I'm going to have to dive back into the ol' home project archives for some of my first posts. Since these were done 'pre-blog' please forgive my lack of photos journalling the steps and missing sources. Posts of my 'real time' projects will be much more informative - promise. Pinky swear. No need to type a note in ALL CAPS yelling at me.

As well, I must preface this all by saying that d├ęcor on a budget is key. Bring on the DIY. I love the thrill of the chase - if I can find something on sale or redo an old piece then I feel like strutting my stuff and designing a t-shirt to let the world know. In other words, we are by no means rich or famous.

However, I did meet my famous interior designer female crush once so does that mean I am famous by association? And if men can have 'man crushes' then can women have a 'lady crush' without it getting all Sadie Hawkins Dance awkward? If so, then I met my mine. Sarah Richardson - way back when. Here's a pic of us in all our my grinning glory. And for those who don't know who she is to recognize her, I'm the short one. You can go to Sarah's site here.

And one more (funny) 'famous' story while we're all still getting to know each other. Back when I was about seven or so (about 15 years ago give or take 5 +5 + years) I informed my parents that I wanted to be on TV and therefore famous. In all their parental wisdom they let me know that I should probably have some kind of talent if I wanted to sell myself as the next up and comer, but that if I was determined, to write a letter and they'd send it in to the local TV station. So I did. I thought hard, got out my crayons and drafted a very impressive (if I do say so myself) letter about how I was a good speller and liked the show "Three's Company" I even drew a picture of Jack, Janet and Chrissie. "That oughta get 'em" I thought. A week or so later while I was fast asleep during one of the 11pm  broadcasts, the news anchors showed my letter on TV and had a cute chuckle about it. Hearing about it the next day from some teachers at school and friend's parents my mom said I started balking my chores (ya, you can imagine how long that lasted) because of course, "I was famous". oy. At least I didn't let it go to my head.

But, I digress. On to the post.

When we moved into our place, our master bedroom was lacking to say the least. It was sparce, BLUE and pretty soulless. And the worst part was the colour on the walls (there when we moved in) was a shade or two off from our bedding so it was a very bad 'match' at that.

I'm sure you noticed my childhood dresser in the second pic... and the lack on any in the third. You can probably imagine how well mine and my 6'5" hubby's clothes fit into that little baby. Um, not so well.

So, we did what any good couple did - my husband told me to figure out how to fix it. Kidding. He cares... but he cares more about whether or not there is beer in the fridge over what colour is on the walls, know what I mean? So, off I went in search of a solution.

Paint - check, grown-up dressers - check,  headboard - che... ah, no check. Headboards are very expensive! And trying to do that plus my vision of a feature wall done in wallpaper was proving to be a challenge. So, in order to be fair to the wallpaper and completely unfair to the non-existent headboard (who never did anything personally to me by the way) I came up with a solution - a wallpapered headboard feature. Ta da. Problem solved.

Now normally here is where I'd go into all the details but as you know from our little lesson at the top, this is a project done awhile ago - pre blog detailing. However, if you have any questions, shoot me a message or comment on this post and I will try my best to answer. But without any further ado, here is how she looks now...

Yay for no more childhood dresser! Yay for TWO dressers! Yay for a focus to the room and YAY for no more nightmares about pale blue demons coming to swallow me up in my comfy bed.

And yes, I know it needs some art on the wall and some styling on the dressers etc. but overall a nice start don't you think?

Later I will show you what we did in the formerly bright red master bath ensuite!


  1. I love this Elayne!!! Love it!!! I laughed out when I read about your famous picture too! Love it! xo

  2. Looks Awesome! LOVE the dramatic headboard!


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